Accepting my life

The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!



Accepting my life


Why do you not learn?

What is it to you?

I don't know anymore,

Do you actually care?

Or is this a game for you?

A chance to play fiddle sticks,

A chance to throw stones,

Or a chance to grow?

To learn to accept,

To remember

I'm still human.

My blood still flows red,

My body is still

The same colour as yours,

Everything works the same,

Or is that the issue?

Because I am the same

You wonder if that means

You could be gay too?

That you could be counted as butch?

With your short hair,

Your male clothes

And your chauvinistic attitude?

Or for those that

Do wonder

What's it like to be a lesbian.

I can tell you

But you probably won't listen

Because in all honesty

You don't actually care.

You're nosey

But you don't accept

Or approve

Or agree that we're even the same race

Do you think we bleed rainbows?

Do you think we have something wrong with us?

Are we like the aliens

In the apartheid?

The ones that

Were just freaks.

Freaks with feeling but

Freaks all the same?

I feel sorry for you,

I really do

Because they weren't freaks either.

They were people

They are people

All of us are.

We get things wrong sometimes

I mean just yesterday

I forgot my door keys

But thats a human mistake.

Being gay




Are who we are on the inside

It's the sexual or gender orientation

That shapes our decisions

Shapes what and who make us happy,

It's not something we can control.

Maybe one day

You'll learn

Maybe one day

This won't be an issue,

Maybe one day

You'll just accept

It's my life

And it doesn't effect yours!