The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!





You push my buttons,

Their buttons-


Causing the vibrations,

And the vibrations in my soul.


As the metal beads move,

And the shaft pulsates,


As the ears tickle,

You tease me with its power.


Stroking it along my pussy lips,

Red - and engorged with blood -



Along with the juices dripping down


My inside leg,

And glistening on the glittery shaft,


Adding to the sparkle,

Adding to the shine.


The welcoming glow of me

Of the rabbit.


As you push it’s head - hard and fast -

Into my cunt,


Forcing my walls to stretch,

To accommodate the throbbing


And still vibrating shaft,

Deep inside me.


You tease and tickle my clit,

With the ears,


Circling the shaft,

Alternating pressure on my G-spot.


The suddenly.

You take it out.


Wait a moment.

Plunge it back in.


Circling as you go.

As you lean forward,


Past the still plunged,



Shaft inside me.

You add your tongue to the mix,


With every withdraw

You bite around my clit.


With every plunge and circle,

You gently tease with our tongue.


After a very short while,

As I’m screaming for more,


For completion,

For a release of the pressure building inside.


You crawl up my body,

Circling the rabbit inside me still.


Then slowly remove it

And bring it to my lips.


As you spread lube

On my arsehole,


I seethe double pacifier

Attached to your harness,


And moan loudly through my own juices,

As you shove the rabbit in my mouth.


Then you fill the other

Two holes.


Deep and fast.

You pull out,


To push straight back in.

After 3 quick plunges


You turn on the vibration,

And put the rabbits head


On my clit,

Forcing the ears


To tease your clit,

Every time yiou fill me.


Then you slow it down,

And after a few slow movements,


I feel the wave

Of my first orgasm hit.


Pushing me to pull you in harder,

And at that moment


We come together,

Screaming each others name,


Screaming mercy for me,

With her screaming for a good


Plunge and fill,

Of her own.