Olympic crescendo

The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!


Olympic Crescendo



As you lead,

So I lead,

Take your hand and

Guide towards my meadow,

My grass so green it quivers,

Warmth spilling out like lambs into fields,


Fingers, as sheepdogs, training them,

Penning them in

Straining against the edges,

Vulva swelling as the excitement grows,

Hear the crowds cheering,


As the music starts,

Drums rocking the hill,

Fingers rocking clits,


Kiss deeply as the crowd sways,

#Bah ba bah ba bah ba,

*Ah ahh aha ah ahh ah,


And the music ends.


The clouds float past the stand,

As your cream starts to drip,

Excitement grows,

As the bell strikes;

2 fingers goes in,

Work the walls,


As performers work the stadium edges,

Video plays overhead,

As pictures form

In your mind.


A journey starts and ends,

Starts slowly and quickly rises,

Aiming for a crescendo.

A cacophony of industrialism,

The pillars grow into the nights sky


As I plunge a feel doe,

Deep into your virgin plain,

As you bleed

And the earth bleeds.


As you revel in the experience

As I revel in your moistness,

The businesses revel in inflation,

A capitalist swathe

That feels like an iron cage,

Holding tightly

Absorbing your clenches


Absorbing the pressure,

The pressure to perform,

To work your clit

Like the nurses,

Running out to take centre stage.


As the fairytale starts,

You shift

Clench with your now sopping pussy,

Slowly work the bulbous end

On my G Spot,


Reach down and take my clit between your fingers,

Like a dream,

After the nightmare of those minutes without,

Downward shift

As Voldemort takes centre stage.



To my strength,

Surrender to the way your fingers move,

The steady undulating pressure deep inside,

You slip off your end,

Pull out mine


Reach your head deep within my folds,

The music roars out,

As you swing jive across my clit with your tongue,

Rap with your fingers,

One finger slips inside my anus,


As the onus moves onto 3D imagery,

So my 3D imagery is strong,

Your hair flowing out

And tickling where your hands are not,

The drip I hear,

When you move to take a breath.


Move to get your double ended dildo,

Like the world wide webs double edged sword,

Put one end in yourself as I watch and wait,

Tease by holding off and rubbing along my vulva,

Along my clit.


Push deep inside,

And the rhythm takes us,

Slowly moving,

Calm, careful,

You know what you’re doing.


As the Chinese dancers move across the stage,

My juices flow,

Spilling out and glistening,

Alongside yours,

Alongside your beauty.


Your reach down and reveal my clit,

Hold the skin back as you tap,

Tap with your finger

And then with the tip of your nail,

Bringing me to the edge.


As you feel me coming,

See my body change,

You push down hard with your nail

And gently nudge,

Nudged like the 204 countries in the parade.


As Team GB come in to thunderous applause,

I scream out

Join the cacophony,

Squeeze tightly on the dildo,

Move it within you,

My ecstasy pushing you to reach out again.


So we shift sides,

Go into a 69

And take each other’s clits in our mouths.

Steve Redgrave runs into the stadium,

The final torchbearers light their flames,

As we light ours.


As the petals fire

And the cauldron begins to form,

We build,

Build into flames.

Burn up inside


Take everything with us,

As the cauldron settles

The fireworks ring out over East London.

We hit our stars,

Drown in the sea of light,

Drown in each other’s taste.



Awaken to the light of a new day,

A day of hope,

A day of glory,

A day of unfulfilled pleasure,

As we sit on the mall


Beach volleyball players below us,

We plan our own duet,

Our own two player game.