What is it?

The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!

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What is it?


Do you love me?

Do you know me?

Do you see

How you make me feel?


I'm a nervous wreck,

A giggly little girl,

A puppet on a string,

I'd do whatever you asked.


Want to know why?

Want to find out?

Want to know

Why you turn me to mush?


I'm a piece of strawberry jelly,

A white dove,

A parrot being taught his words,

I've got no other reason to love,




You're perfect,

You're what I've always dreamt of,

You're symaothetic, kind, loving,


With the handsome bod to match.

You're thin, cute

With a nice personality too.


You're the one thing that's

Kept me on,

Kept me going.


You're my torch

At the end of a very dark tunnel,

You're a white dove


The other half of the pair,

The final,

The penultimate,

Jigsaw piece.


But just that isn't enough,

I want all of you,

I need all of you.


I want, I need,

Your body,

Your mind and your soul,


Without you

I'm nothing,

I'm a loner, a weirdo,

The one in the corner.


You don't ask for much,

Not even me.

You ask for my happiness,

You only want, to seem, to please.


You're my angel Gabriel,

My shining beacon,

My solid


In a crumbling world.