Life gone by

The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!

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Life gone by


Life is like a mystery,

You never know what will be thrown,

At you.

Those men, women and children,

That gave, and involuntarily,

Lost their lives,

During the fateful wars,

Of life gone by.


Those, who in World War one,

Did not expect, what happened,

Nor had prepared quite like the enemy.

For those fateful years,

And months,

And days,

Of life gone by.


Or those, in Worrld War two,

Who faced shrapnel, bombs,

And mustard gas

With brave faces.

Who did not,



Or murder, those who were,


Who fought battle, after battle,

For the freedom of nto only

Their people,

But the persecuted, worl population,

Of life gone by.


The Cold War,

With it's tendencies to create,

Unneeded conflict,

Unwanted dislike, pain, disillusionment.

But above all,


Of the once, Great powers of Alliance,

And harmony between countries,

Affected by the dictators,

That ran them for years,

And caused,

Mass death and destruction,

On those countries,

That were once

Great tradesmen and salesmen,

Of locally cultured produce,

Sold to those,

During life gone by.


Life, that once,

We took for granted,

We found could be withdrawn,

Just as quick, by a bullet,

From a gun,

Or smoke from the fire,

Caused by a bomb.

But life,

That's taken brutally,

In times of unrest,

Or war,

Will always be,

A sharp reminder,

Of those fateful times,

From life gone by.