The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!

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Courage is the way of life for some people,

In the Army, Navy and RAF,

People risk their lives for other people,

They run out on the front,

They jump into the sea,

Or jump out of a plane.


Courage may also only be something you do in an emergency,

At home or in work,

If your house is on fire,

You may go back in to save your family,

If your work has flooded,

But with babies inside,

You save them.


Courage could be any of the above,

But courage for some people,

Could be the will to live,

The will to live where everyone hates you,

Or where you've been deserted,

And you have to survive with noone around you.


Courage is something which could help lots of people,

Or just one person,

But all courage is justified,

In it's own circumstances.