The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!

Lifes journey




The voice comes over the noise,




It screams into the silences,

Measures the phases,

Breathes down


Our necks

Our bodies

Sweat dripping on our vanity,


As it lurches forward

It heaves,

It groans


Leaving us cold,


And alone.


Alone as we board,

Fight for our space,

For personal safety.


Hold back from panic,

From terror,

People clamber on



Next to you,

Slamming into your body.


Sitting over you as you sit,

Leaning through you,



Men, Women and children,

Breathing down,

Breathing hard,


Sharing themselves

When you need space to breathe,

Space to think,


Space to be alone,


And on the way home.


Close out the voices,

Close down the fear,

Shut down the terror.


Let the disembodied voices

Wash over you,

Wash through you,


Take what you need

And stop the tube,

Acting like acid


On your anxiety,

On your day,

On your journey.


Let it serve

It’s purpose,

Not its ulterior motive,


A vortex of shattering,


Of drunken feet,


Squeals from pushchair tyres,

Girls vying for attention,



Owning the space,

Patriarchal to their core,



Ignoring the pleads of

Wheelchair users

And others needing space


Needing safety in being seated,

Avoiding the terror

Avoiding the shame


From falling,

From slipping on the sweat,

Collapsing under the breaths


Washing over their weak bodies,

Tainting them in silence,

Forcing their submission


In a world,

Designed for the able bodied,

Designed for the privileged,


Designed to fit

Modern societal norms,

Modern hatred.


A modern way to travel,

A modern way to act,

A modern way to not know


How to feel;




Or care.

A modern way to live,

A modern version


Of the 7 sins.


Best observed through the ConDems,



Are the people that refuse to stand,

Refuse to do anything worth doing.



In those who can’t handle complaints,

Can’t handle being wrong.



Forcing desires so treacherous,

Lives are broken.



Of the people who look better,

Are perceived as better off.



Observed at bars,

As people drink to excess.



In the trampled on masses,

From the warriors of the revolutions.


From the tedium of tubes,

To the breaking of a country,

From dictators,


From people,

From the hate

Mastered by few


But shared by many,

Spread in the media,

Spread on social network sites.


Spread by those

That don’t think,

That don’t care of the consequences.