End of the world

The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!

Lifes journey


End of the world


The wind blows through the

Winter of discontent,

Worlds ending

And universes blowing apart.

The blue in the sky turning a sullen red

And setting all it sees to light.


As light burns in the eyes of children,

Still believing when their parents fail to see,

Governments and rich people

Tearing apart the precious crust of earth,

That holds steady under our feet

As long as we stand steady above it.


Flooding spreading around the western world,

Hurricanes blasting through

The sun drenched lands of the US of acclaimed,

Tsunamis crashing over the cliffs

And beaches in forlorn eastern towns,

Earthquakes and volcanos ripping


Shreds out of places

Otherwise untouched.

As the sun comepletes its journey

And its red glow dwindles,

Once more there shall be disaster,

Death, destruction,


Because as the UN battle out

Climate change and Palestinian freedom,

The movement under our feet

Grows ever stronger,

Feeds into the cycle of disintegration

Shifts our world once more


Towards true annihalation.

Not from a comet,

Or benefit cuts,

Or religious fanatics

But from a world cracking

Under the pressure.


Cracking under the strain

Of greedy nations

And the death of the life

That holds this world together,

That feeds into

Earths cycle of continuity.