The #WongWay to live

Is the right way for Susan Cook! Invictus Games medalist, GB Women's Bronze medalist in Para-Ice Hockey and now baker!

Lifes journey




As I walk along,

The street,

My path.

As it twists away


As it doubles back.

The things I see,

What I’ve seen,

It moves me,


It makes me squirm.

Austerity hits hard,

As the millionaires

Lose 3rd homes


Lose face,

In public outcry,

In private doom.

Outside the shelter


Of the House of Commons.

As the death toll rises,

The demos get larger

And profits fall.


The UK turns bleak,

Food like the 1950s,

Adverts like the 1940s,

Hope from within


The walls of despair,

The drum beat

Of a heavy heart,

A doomed future.


A country ready to fall apart,

A government too rich

To understand

Real failure.


Failure is not;

Losing an election,

Or helping the less fortunate.

Failure is


Not doing the right thing,

Being morally repugnant,

Forcing austerity

On those already broke.


On those fighting

Their last croak,


The government will.


In the end of the world,

The end of life

As we know it,



For the new beginning,

The new starts

And an end to the